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Sunday 24th March 2024

The Ely 115 Squadron Duathlon is a great way for hibernating triathletes to rub their eyes, shake out the winter legs and kick off the race season in style! A flat course, excellent organisation and plenty of helpful, enthusiastic marshals also make it the perfect place for beginners to try a multi discipline event for the first time, incorporating two 5k runs either side of a 25km bike ride.

Race HQ will be at the Apex Coffee House, Lancaster Way Business Park, Ely. The 5km run course is an out and back road route taking you across a disused WW2 Airfield that used to host the Stirling III and Lancaster bombers of 115 Squadron. The bike course turns briefly onto the A10 before heading out across the fens through the sleepy villages of Little Downham and Coveney. The second run uses the same course as the first. This promises to be a quick, flat course, although windy fenland conditions are almost definitely guaranteed and evoke the 115 Squadron motto - "Despite the Elements"!

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Distance: 5km

Elevation Profile: start 14m, max 18m, gain 13m

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Distance 25km

Elevation Profile: start 14m, max 26m, gain 110m

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