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Inspired to run a marathon? We have one right here in Ely!

If this weekend's London Marathon has inspired you to get your running shoes on, we have a 26 miler right here in Ely in October which you can sign up to today. And you're much more likely to get into ours too! The Ely Tri Club Runfest kicks off on 8th October, giving you plenty of time to train for a long distance run.

The event actually offers a choice of distances ranging from 10km to Half Marathon, Marathon or 66k Ultra, all on the same day and using the same route. Almost completely flat and traffic free, these routes are well marked and we'll keep you supplied with plenty of food, drink and enthusiastic support as you go. With a few obstacles (steps, stiles, cattle grids etc) the courses are perhaps better suited to adventure, fun and a test of stamina rather than chasing a PB, but we guarantee you'll love them either way.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Ely Tri Club Runfest 2023 event here and we'll see you in October.

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