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Race Report: NiceTri Local, Milton Country Park

Chris Greaves took part in his first ever triathlon on 8th May, the GoTri Local event at Milton Country Park, which is a great place to start for both adults and children.

“This report won't be much use to triathlon veterans, but it may help anyone like me who hasn't done one before.

It was a 100m swim (I did 200m, which was the max they would let me), a 4.5k bike and 1.5k run.

There were about 10 adults and half a dozen kids. Only some of us did the swim. The others did run/bike/run. The bike and run were all off road, which I like, but didn't know that, so had to be careful on the grass/gravel on my road bike.

For me, it did exactly what they are designed for......let me have a go at a triathlon with easy distances and a relaxed atmosphere.

I have no experience of being in a group of athletes, but learned a lot:

- I went off too fast (not helped by weed in the lake up to the surface the whole way).

- I will calm it down in the real thing.

- I can ride/run with no socks, at least for a sprint distance.

- It took a while getting cycling shorts on/off (I need some tri shorts).

- I have a better idea of how to set up my Garmin for the bike/run.

- I know now that it's fun to do 3 things in one event!

Knowing all of this makes me I think I will be able to enjoy a “real” one more [whatever the distance Chris, NiceTri is a genuine multi-sports event and they’re all worth taking part in!].

I must say that the helpers on the day were fab and I would recommend it to beginners and any kids who want a go.”

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