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Race Report: Sunny Hunny, 22nd May 2022

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Lawrence Middleton took part in his first ever triathlon a couple of weeks ago, and would strongly recommend King’s Lynn Tri Club’s Sunny Hunny sprint event as a good place to start.

“As someone that’s never done a triathlon before, Sunny Hunny was an absolute gem. The 200m swim was just enough to make the 18km cycle that bit more gruelling but not enough to detract from the friendly and chatty atmosphere - both from the participants and the supporters!

The swim was in the Oasis pool by the sea front with the cycling consisting of three laps around the town. Lots of good signposting and at the end of each lap a cycle through the race HQ with views of the town centre and the sea, amid a rolling hill.

In honesty, I was totally unprepared for how my legs would feel after going straight from the bike to the run. Jelly, but somehow jelly that knows what direction it wants to go in! The run takes you down and back along the sea front, back to race HQ.

All in all, a truly enjoyable and memorable occasion. Certainly a highlight of the year so far- I would strongly recommend!”

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